Company claims a pill will help filter out damaging blue light when using digital devices

Did you know that digital devices emit high amounts of the high energy blue light which may induce oxidative stress to the eyes? Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue is a unique eye health supplement that helps filter damaging blue light from electronic devices.* Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue contains Lutemax® 2020, a  premium lutein formula containing higher levels of zeaxanthin than free lutein products. It helps filter out damaging blue light and improves eye health when using digital devices.* Our bodies cannot make lutein or zeaxanthin, and the natural stores of these carotenoids in the body may decrease as we age. In addition to Lutemax® 2020, Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue contains zinc and beta-carotene for added eye health support!* Taking a supplement like Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue can help ?ll important dietary gaps, as well as help protect your eyes from damaging blue light that so many of us are exposed to on a daily basis.*

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