Why Do I Crave Junk Food As Soon As I Start Eating Healthy? I’m always asking this question. After reading this article I understood what causes them and the author shares 6 ways to stop craving sugar and junk food. If you’re like me check this out…

Turns out, there?s a scientific reason why you?re elbow-deep in the office candy bowl every time the pressure hits. The truth is that is not your fault that you find modern foods, and habits irresistible. In this article and podcast, I explain the science behind food cravings and how you can stop your food cravings for good.


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Top 10 Android Apps for Pediatricians and GP doctors

Essential and very helpful Healthcare Android Apps for Pediatricians and Neonatologists. Pediatric Scores: Application that compiles over 70 scores in Pediatrics. A great help in PICU! Languages: English / French / Spanish / Portuguese. DosisPedia: It is a drug reference for paediatricians. Now also for urgent pediatric diseases and health emergencies. Language: Spanish.


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